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Internet Access

Internet Access is possible via W-LAN network in almost all buildings of the TU-campus or in Computer rooms. For Internet access at TU Dresden please use your individual Login-Password on your name tag.

WLAN in the buildings of TU-campus
We offer you a temporary login for the wireless-LAN of the Technische Universit├Ąt Dresden campus.

The network is called VPN/WEB. (If you cannot find this network, the wireless-LAN is unfortunately not available at your location.) If you are connected to the VPN/WEB network and you open an arbitrary website with your browser, the login window for the wireless-LAN appears. Please enter the user name and password provided. With login, you can use the internet access.

This connection is not encrypted.

WLAN in Leibniz-Institute IFW Dresden
In the building of IFW Dresden, WLAN access is possible in room IFW A and in front of IFW D. Please connect SSID 'DPG2014'. No authorization is required. This connection is not encrypted.

'EDUROAM' is also available in all IFW areas.

Access to the internet is also available in the computer rooms in the following buildings

Gerber-Bau         room GER 221

Willers-Bau         room WIL A119

Zeuner-Bau         room ZEU 320 and 322A

The opening hours are displayed at the entrance of the rooms.

Please use your individual Login-Password on your name tag.

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