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Symposium SKM Dissertation Prize (SYSD)
Prof. Dr. Klaus Richter
(Universität Regensburg)

Crystallography in Materials Science (SYCM)
of the divisions KR (leading), DF, DS, MA, MI
PD Dr. Leonore Wiehl (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt),
Prof. Dr. Markus Braden (Universität Köln)

The Collapsed State of Polymers:
From Physical Concepts to Applications and Biological Systems (SYCP)

of the divisions CPP (leading), BP, DY
Prof. Dr. Helmut H. Schiessel (Universität Leiden),
Prof. Dr. Jens-Uwe Sommer (IPF Dresden)

Energy Meets Economy: Dynamics and Statistics of Future Energy Systems  (SYEE)
of the divisions SOE (leading), DY, AGjDPG
Prof. Dr. Marc Timme (MPI Göttingen),
PD Dr. Jens Christian Claussen (Universität Lübeck)
Stochastic Dynamics of Growth Processes in Biological and Social Systems (SYGP)
of the divisions DY (leading), BP, SOE  
Dr. Tobias Galla (Universität Manchester),
Prof. Dr. Arne Traulsen (MPI Plön)

Magnetic/Organic Interfaces and Molecular Magnetism (SYMO)
of the divisions MA (leading), CPP, DS, HL, O, TT
Prof. Dr. Martin Aeschlimann (Technische Universität Kaiserslautern),
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schnack (Universität Bielefeld),
Prof. Dr. Oliver Waldmann (Universität Freiburg),
Prof. Dr. Dietrich Zahn (Technische Universität Chemnitz)

Molecular Switches and Motors at Surfaces (SYMS)
of the divisions O (leading), BP, CPP
Prof. Dr. Martin Wolf (FHI Berlin),
Prof. Dr. Axel Groß (Universität Ulm)

One-dimensional Metals: Reality or Fiction (SYOM)
of the divisions DS (leading), HL, O, TT
Prof. Dr. Norbert Esser (ISAS),
Prof. Dr. Herbert Pfnür (Universität Hannover),
Prof. Dr. Christoph Tegenkamp (Universität Hannover)

Spin Properties of Graphene (SYSG)
of the divisions HL (leading), MA, DS, O, TT
Prof. Dr. Markus Morgenstern (RWTH Aachen)


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